photo, frame, letters, poster paint
23x27x1 inches
artist's collection
AlwaysMore, 2008
This piece is nothing new. There have been numerous commentaries on the growing realization that people, and particularly the American culture, are consuming too much. From An Inconvenient Truth to Supersize Me and even the whole sub-prime mortgage debacle, it has become evident that fostering a culture of consumption, coupled with the wealth to actually support it, spells disaster. I was playing around with the word "nevertheless" and decided to take it apart. "Nevertheless" as a single word means "in spite of". This echoes sentiments like "in spite of not having money, I will buy a bigger house" or "in spite of wrecking the environment, I want a bigger car." When you take the word apart, you get "never the less" which certainly describes the bigger, better, faster, stronger mentality today. No one wants to be seen getting a smaller house, car, ipod, plate of food, etc.
Think about it.