sign letters, wire fence
48x14x2 inches
private collection
Gaza, 2009
This phrase has been rattling around my mind for years now. I heard it while listening to National Public Radio (NPR). The story covered how Israel was mobilizing its troops with tanks on the border in Gaza. The specific comment was something about how the Palestinians would be waking up in the morning "bracing for bloodshed." I could not believe my ears. How horrible is it that in this day and age, we have whole communities of people opening their eyes in the morning with guns pointed at their heads, not knowing if they will live to see another day? And these are not soldiers at war. These are grandmothers, children, school teachers, farmers, etc. As we sit in our peaceful world bracing for traffic, bracing for lines at our favorite lunch spot, bracing for our favorite team to play in the championship, it would be a good idea to consider what other people worry about.