cardboard letters, glitter
16x16x.5 inches
Glitter, 2005
I was in a country western bar one night and I was admiring this one woman dancing. She was neither the slimmest girl in the place nor the prettiest. She was wearing overalls and pigtails. Yet, she was the brightest light on the dance floor. And she was a great dancer. I happened to be walking by when she got off the dance floor and I had to tell her I thought her dancing was great and I could see she was having a fantastic time. She gave me a big hug and said something like "Thanks, darlin'!". When I went back to my friends, they noted I had a big swath of glitter on my face and shirt. She had been wearing generous amounts of glitter above her eyes. My friends commented I had glitter everywhere and the phrase hit me. It has since been extended to be a commentary on the superficial, materialistic zeitgeist we all live in (think LA) but I will not forget my original encounter. Thanks, darlin'!