sign letters, wire fence
36x12x2 inches
private collection
Placitude (It Happens All The Time), 2003
Everyone is familiar with the saying “It Happens All The Time”. It is a platitude…dull, trite, banal. At the same time, the phrase is used to reassure someone or even yourself when confronted with, more than likely, a troubling situation. We use it to return to a state of placidness, a state of being calm and serene. I am most proud of the title of this work because the word “placitude” is actually not a word. It combines the trite meaning of “platitude” and adds the serenity of “placidness”. And yet, most people would agree it is a word. This piece in the Rorschach Series is designed to center the viewer. If the thought that comes to mind is negative, the viewer is relieved and can recognize they are not alone. If the thought is positive, this piece calmly reminds the viewer that their special situation is probably not so unique.