sign letters, wire fence
24x12x2 inches
private collection
Indeed (Do You Yearn), 2004
It is not by coincidence that the historical image of the sage is often paired with that of the fool. The two are often one and the same. Modern philosophers are hard to come by so it sometimes helps to look to the fool. Enter Kramer, the wild haired character on the sitcom Seinfeld. His antics are a thinly veiled quest for the truth. The trials and tribulations he goes through are often based on his own desire to achieve something great, to answer the call, to be authentic. In one episode, he looks George right in the eye and asks, �Do you yearn?� He goes on to say �I yearn� and then heads off on yet another doomed, comedic adventure. This piece challenges you to ask that question of yourself. The answer may change your life.