photos, frame
16x19x2 inches
artist's collection
YinYang, 2007
I have always had an interest in photography. I've dabbled with black and white and even did some of my own printing. Of course, I was able to take lots of pictures traveling. I've taken pictures of signs before because they were funny or showed where I was traveling but this is the first time I've taken art shots of signs. I like the idea of extending my interest in signs and letters into my photography.
The picture on the right is a rather famous sign in Austin. The picture on the left is an obscure hotel (motel?) in Waco. Combining the two, so to speak, and the contrast of the day and night ended up being a fun interpretation of the ancient Yin and Yang symbolism. Yin is the female, dark, passive side and Yang is the male, light, active side. In the photos, the Yin side is shown during the day and Yang at night, which is the opposite. There is always a little Yin in our Yang, and vice versa.